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  • US-China Trade War: How to reduce US cost on backpack bags
    • October 29, 2019

    We are honored to share some of our company's experiences and stories! In 2018, the United States launched a trade war against China, adding a very high tariff to Chinese products. The supply chain in China and even the world has undergone tremendous changes. Buyers in the United States are forced to reduce their purchases from China by purchasing more, or to start sourcing from other countries. A...

  • Why should you use a Diaper Backpack?
    • January 02, 2020

    We are always dealing with challenges and situations that are mostly out of our control when it comes to taking care of our child. That’s why it’s important to work closely with a mom bags manufacturer and ensure that you keep all the baby items in a single place. Trying to do that with a regular bag is not always going to be easy, which is why a good Diaper Backpack should come in handy. It’...

  • Why should you use a laptop backpack bag?
    • December 09, 2019

    If you business often, it makes a lot of sense to buy products that will help you make your business experience a lot easier. And that’s why you need a product from a reliable business backpack bag manufacturer. Since you are going to use your laptop quite a bit during your business, you really want to invest in a reliable laptop backpack bag that’s dependable and easy to use. But why is...

  • 2019 Best Girl Heart Mummy Bag
    • June 25, 2019

    Why do we like it ? Kiss mommy Mummy bag can carry all the items you need, you can tie it to the stroller, let you completely hands-free. It's waterproof and has 7 large pockets that let you organize everything. It is equipped with an insulated pocket and is compatible with a wide range of bottles. The lightweight design makes it easy to carry around. Convenient function: It has a very practical l...

  • How to make high quality backpack bags
    • June 25, 2019

    How to make high quality backpack bags My name is Kevin. I am a senior designer, developer, and explorer in Kingdo bag manufacturer. I have been in the bag industry for 12 years. From the beginning to the end, we have been exploring in the bag industry, trying to create more perfect designs and high-quality bag products for consumers. To produce high quality bags like backpack bag,diaper bags,scho...

  • How to choose a Mummy bag
    • October 26, 2019

    Mummy bag is very important for every parent. Every time you go out, you need to bring a lot of baby items such as diapers, toys, paper towels, bottles, milk powder, clothes and so on. Also bring your own personal items, such as mobile phones, wallets, and keys. Now there are hundreds of different styles of Mummy bags on the market, so how to choose a high-performance Mummy bag that suits you? Her...

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